About Us
TheWayWeWork.com is an educational website aimed at individuals who want to invigorate their career—or start a new career; from students training for their first career to experienced executives transitioning to a new field.

Our target market includes:
  • Students investigating specialty careers
  • Military personnel seeking to apply their skills in civilian life
  • Downsized workers in search of new outlets for their seasoned skills
  • Retirees considering re-entering the workforce
  • Executives desiring a change of corporate scenery
  • Enthusiastic entrepreneurs searching for expertise
  • Anyone curious about how that person got to where they are now

We provide vignettes of successful people at all levels of society, explaining how they got where they are by using their innate skill sets, education and self-training, network of contacts, and available resources.

We provide access to useful tools to help you discover your particular collection of aptitudes and abilities, so you may apply those skills to maximize your options.
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